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Shrouded Past is an alternate start mod for The Elder Scrolls: Arena. It's designed to provide a better first impression, since many players are turned away by the game's notorious Imperial Dungeons. But there's something here for veterans too. Maybe you'd like to quickly roll new characters, or tackle Arena's demo dungeon.

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Hello, and welcome to Shrouded Past, the first and only alternate start mod for The Elder Scrolls: Arena. Maybe you think the Imperial Dungeons are too hard. Maybe you want an even bigger challenge! However you want to play, it's now your choice.

  • The Novice finds themself in a tomb. Apparently Tharn's goons don't know the difference between dead and mostly dead. May as well pilfer a thing or two.
  • The Apprentice takes refuge in an abandoned temple. Blessed or not, there's little salvage here.
  • The Journeyman hunkers down in a safehouse, supplied only with a second chance.
  • The Expert braves the Imperial Dungeons. Fortuitously, it seems someone has rid the place of its goblin infestation. Too bad they couldn't do anything about the smell.
  • The Master tests their mettle in Arena's demo dungeon, which wasn't included in the retail release. This was tuned for a premade, high level character. I've made adjustments so starting characters stand a chance to survive.

Since Ria Silmane makes reference to things that may not be applicable, I've replaced her with the daedric prince Nocturnal. Shadow hide you.

1. Copy everything to Arena's root directory
2. Run NOCT.BAT to adjust the difficulty

1. Run UNINST.BAT (this will remove all traces of the mod)

  • Improved the starting coordinates
  • Fixed some animation errors
  • Made the vision text easier to read