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Custom DOSBOX controls file for The Elder Scrolls: Arena enabling full modern-style controls while retaining the ability to type text as needed.

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TES:Arena Remapped
By ArtInPinkerton (aka Pinkertonius)

Version: 1.5


The Elder Scrolls: Arena (under DOSBOX)


Being programming in 1994, the default controls for The Elder Scrolls: Arena do not match the key layouts of the later Bethesda games (basically, WASD). They are not as intuitive or comfortable as the more modern control schemes. With all the work I have been doing to test textures in Arena, I got tired of fighting the control scheme so I finally sat down and worked out the most optimal solution using DOSBOX's mapper function.
Using the included file, Arena now has full WASD style controls. A majority of the keys have been remapped for better convenience and ease of access. Now the game controls almost exactly like modern Bethesda's games. I have also included a handy reference keyboard map will all relevant keys labeled.
Major hurdle: (SOLVED) 

The one hinderance with using DOSBOX's mapper program was that the keys get reassigned to a different key...meaning when you type text, they showed the new mapped key and not the one you are typing. While Arena doesn't require too much text input, there is some (save game and spell names, etc.).  

My solution was to assign a "master key" that reverts all keys back to their original assignment while held. All one has to do is hold down the "L ALT" key while typing and all text will be normal. Release the "L ALT" key and all the keys return to the new control scheme. It's that easy. 
Bonus (UNLOCKED): The World map, long jump and Quick Cast now have dedicated keys. Woot Woot! I said Woot to the friggin Woot!


NOTE: The official Bethesda Arena download does NOT include Dosbox and will not run under Windows without it. To use that version, you must install and configure Dosbox to work with Arena.Then install my file.
NOTE2: The wiwiland version of Dosbox and many Dosbox forks use the old style naming for mapper files. 
NOTE3: The newer version of the Dosbox AND the GOG version use a slightly different name for the mapper file. 
NOTE4: Just copy both files over, one will work and one won't do anything and is harmless. 
NOTE7: Phwooosh! Sizzle! burnt my hand! 

1. Place the mapper files in the Arena root directory. 
2. Remember to press "L ALT" when you need to enter text. 
3. Place Goblins on end of sharp pointy thing!


1. Delete the mapper files in the Arena root directory.
2. The #2 you have dialed is no longer in service. 


This file is tailored to TES:Arena specifically. While the concepts could be easily be applied to other games, the likely hood of this file working with them are relatively low due to all the remapping (However, I might be persuaded to make others). 

Load Order

This absolutely must be loaded before Better Skyrim Toenails-Dawnguard Edition (HD remix)...approximately 4 games before it ;)


1.0 Initial Release
1.5 GOG version added and fixed one unreported "typing mode" (i.e. holding down LEFT ALT), the M key didn't revert to normal behavoir. 


I can be reached here, on the Bethesda forums (under "Pinkertonius") or at


Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for developing Arena and providing it free to the masses.
Thanks to Brucoms for developing the TES3....errrr TES1 Readme Generator this readme was made from.

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