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Wow. I found the variables with CheatEngine and calculated the steps between each detail ticks and multiplicated that number ~70 times. I'm sure it is possible to do 'Eye of argonia' for arena if I can already modify it so easily :O.

Warning: Insane detail values makes the game less stable.

-To keep the Detail settings, save the game.

-Don't put crazy values because it won't even matter since you won't see that far because of the engine resolution: 320x200. (10x is overkill)

-I don't advise a detail bar going through the other side of the screen if you want to use it on a playthough. The results on the long way are still obscure though. (I think nobody really tried before)

-After taking this shot, I went to the imperial city and I could see the city walls in all the four directions without moving my feet.