Terminator: Resistance
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This mod removes emission from side of Plasma Pulse Rifle aka Endo Rifle. I think its more movie accurate this way, atleast based on T1, T2, T3 movies :)

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(UPDATED: Mod works now for current version of game)

Credits: ManWhoLaughs for encouraging me to update the mod and also backup of some files that i erased :))

DescriptionThis mod removes red/violet emission from side of Phased Plasma Pulse Rifle aka Endo Rifle. Also this .pak file doesn't overwrite anything, so its like add-on.

Installation: Copy content of .rar (.pak file) to (for instance) "c:\+HRY+\Terminator Resistance\Terminator\Content\Paks\"

Updating: Just rewrite my old .pak file...

Uninstallation: Just delete copied .pak file from (for instance) "c:\+HRY+\Terminator Resistance\Terminator\Content\Paks\"

Terminator: Resistance game is now officially moddable and this is first mod. We can actually create own .pak files (thanks to UnrealPak workflow by FluffyQuack) and game reads that .pak files flawlessly, so retextures can be done.. maybe even new models can be imported etc.? I think its definitely possible, but im not good with meshes, so maybe someone can do it :)