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Bumps up graphical fidelity beyond ultra (plus extras)

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Bumps up graphical fidelity beyond ultra.

Some of the changes:

Enabled GTAO Ambient Occusion:

SSAO is a screen-space technique that calculates ambient occlusion based on the information available in the current frame. It analyzes the
depth buffer and samples nearby pixels to determine occlusion. SSAO can
create soft shadows and enhance the perception of depth in a scene, but
it may have limitations in accurately representing occlusion in complex
scenes or areas with thin objects.

GTAO, on the other hand, is a more advanced technique that takes advantage of temporal anti-aliasing (TAA) information. It uses
information from previous frames to improve the accuracy of occlusion
calculations. By incorporating temporal data, GTAO can provide more
precise and stable ambient occlusion results, especially in scenes with
moving objects or camera motion.

16x Anisotropic Filtering:

By using 16x anisotropic filtering, you can achieve sharper and more detailed textures, particularly when viewing textures from oblique
angles or at a distance.

Full Res SSR Reflections:

Now the engine will use full-resolution reflections for SSR. Full-resolution reflections provide higher image quality and accuracy because they
sample the scene at the full resolution of the screen. This can result
in more detailed and realistic reflections, especially for objects or
surfaces that are close to the camera.

Full Res SSS:

Now subsurface scattering is calculated at the same resolution as the final rendered image.

Shadow Denoiser:

Enabling shadow denoising can result in smoother and cleaner shadows, enhancing the overall visual fidelity of the game. It can help reduce
flickering, blocky artifacts, and other noise-related issues that may
occur in the shadowed areas of the scene.

And more...