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Changes the Character Select panel to those from Junny's artwork, the 2nd file changes the character's battle icon (the ones in top left & right that appears during a match)

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For those of you fans of Junny's artwork for the Tekken franchise. The 1st mod changes all character panels during the character select screen and the 2nd mod changes the character battle icons (you know, the ones that appear on the top left & right part of the screen during a match).

Note 1:
Up-to-date for Marduk and Armor King, I've also included the artwork for Lee's Violet alt.

Note 2:
Since there is no Junny artwork for Geese & Noctis, I used a different treatment for guest characters. Akuma is taken from Street Fighter series' illustration and so does Geese Howard, Noctis is taken from FF Dissidia artwork. I'm planning to use Negan's TWD appearance once he's released.

Note 3
This work is inspired from a similar mod from a DeviantArt's Street Modders page, I didn't like the way they are paneled there and wanted a full-body treatment, so head there instead if you prefer that sort of treatment.

1) Unzip the downloaded file (the main file is .pak)
2) Go to your Tekken 7 installation directory: (wherever your Steam directory is)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Tekken 7\TekkenGame\Content\Paks
3) Create a new folder named ~mods
4) Paste the mods you want. This applies to practically any Tekken mods you'll find out there