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Adds a selection of sabers for Alisa that were used in the Korean localised version of Tekken 7.

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~ This mod is apart of my own bundle Tekken 7 Gold Edition. If you have that bundle then you do not need to download this. ~

Alisa's Korean Saber Pack
allows the player to use Alisa's sabers instead of her chainsaw. The sabers have been used since Alisa's introduction in Tekken 6 in the Korean localized arcade version, since then they have been used in Tag 2 and Tekken 7.


There are three saber designs that the player can use:

Original is the standard sabers that are used in the Korean localized version of Tekken 7. Violet Systems designed the sabers with the project being pushed by other than Mr. Chohlan himself. The signature red sabers are Alisa's go to sabers during destructive combat.
Prototype are yellow sabers designed by Dr. Bosconovitch himself; these were an earlier mark type of the lasers before being scrapped for something more powerful.
Neon are light blue sabers designed by Violet Systems. Lee was testing a new mechanism that allows Alisa to convert electrical energy into blue sabers. The shock from the blades is so powerful that she managed to fry the electrics with the Violet System headquarters on a test run. Everything is up running now though.


Manual users: To install this mod, follow this video guide.


for creating the different sabers.
Natsu X Ken for creating and redirecting the Chainsaw mesh file references to the Korean saber mesh.