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About this mod

This is a music pack that will allows you to use a large collection of tracks from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 game.

Permissions and credits

Tekken 7 Jukebox PC Music Pack

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Default PLUS Edition)

Music Pack compiled/adjusted by: Ghost
Version: 1.0

Alternative download link (if Nexus asks you to register): 
Sample Video (IT'S NOT A TUNA \ Picking Tulips): Youtube


This pack is a variation of the DEFAULT MUSIC PACK found at the Tekken 7 Jukebox PC mod page (found here), which is a missing a few tracks from the OST.

This "PLUS" part means that it contains extra tracks that were used in the game (such as the customization theme, online tracks, etc.)

It DOES NOT contain short tracks (Jingles, "Entry", "Continue", etc.)
This pack has almost all usable tracks with high quality. It's not meant to be fully completed -- just the most usable songs on the OST.

This version of the pack also contains the following:
Edited versions of What You Will See (Heavenly Garden/Fallen Garden) split/extended so they can be nicely used for Beginning & Final Rounds respectively.

Pretty satisfied with how well they are in the game.


This instruction follows closely the original installation instructions from the original T7Jukebox author "ThePaSch":

1. Drag your "Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Default PLUS)" folder from the RAR file into your T7Jukebox's "BGM" folder.
2. Click on "T7Jukebox.exe", and you should see "Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Default PLUS)" available to your right side.

For having your custom music show up in the game:

3. Open T7Jukebox.exe & select which music will be used on which stage.
4. When finished, click "Generate.pak", where a "Jukebox_P.pak" file is created in the same directory as T7Jukebox.exe
5. Drag "Jukebox_P.pak" to your "TEKKEN 7/TekkenGame/Content/Paks/~mods" directory (found in "Steam/commonapps" folder)
6. Launch the game & enjoy.


-If you try to use "Tekstep Fountain", the tool will throw an error saying that it's missing a Tekstep .stub file.

TEMPORARY SOLUTION: Simply go into the TTT2 (Default Plus) folder found the BGM directory, and rename the .stub file to match the Tekstep .wem file.

The filename should be this: "Tekstep Fountain (Fontana di Trevi - Italy).stub"

I am currently uploading a new version to MEGA so future downloads won't have this issue, and will replace the mod found at the NEXUS manager at another time (they're having upload issues at the moment).