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Are you bored of vanilla Teardown? Timed Heists allows you to change the fundamental objective of every campaign mission with a simple toggle menu!

Permissions and credits
Can I play this fresh in the campaign?
It would not be possible to complete these missions in the set times if you do not have your tools unlocked and possibly upgraded as well.

What is this mod?
Timed Heists is a mod that re-works the objective of the campaign missions.
Missions start with the alarm started as you load in, your goal is to complete the game objectives as quickly as possible with no preparation time and make it within the possible time constraints. Each mission in the campaign has a pre-determined timer that we have tested to be possible. It is balanced to full objective completion and was tested with infinite ammo. A toggle-able Infinite ammo will be included in this mod as I support another mod that allows infinite ammo and it is how this mod supposed to be played. If you do not wish to have the Infinite Ammo included just remove the main.lua within the script folder of the zip.

How do I enable Timed Heists?
Go to Options > Graphics and look for Timed Heists. Enable that and start a campaign mission!

How To Install
Drag the folders within the zip into the Teardown/Data directory.

NotInTheBand#6666: Scripter
ognianov#3839: Helped test most of the maps for time-frames possible for completion.