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Blow up the reactor by pressing a button inside this nuclear power plant and watch the chunks fly. Includes vehicles, custom sounds, and scripts.

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This map is no longer a work in progress, but it's not finished. I'm simply bored of
Teardown and I moved on to other games. Will I come back to Teardown, I
don't know, but updates will not happen daily anymore, and it'll be
more like a few times a month now, if that.
Thanks all.

☢️Welcome to the NGNT Nuclear Facility☢️

It is strongly recommended to use Teardown [experimental] build with this map. There is no guarantee that this map will work on the stable build.

If this map hasn't been updated for a couple of days, check on TeardownModswhere my activity and priority resides.

Okay thanks continue with description below


@rio is making some vans and Ladas for this map!
@mode_vis is making a fire engine for this map!
@okoko has provided his Mater truck for this map!
@Mudsox has provided his modified HX truck and other assets for this map!
@kszabi98 has provided their Dacia 1300 and their Trabant Soviet car for this map!
This map contains original Teardown assets that have been completely recreated by @TalbotUncharted3


  • Explode the core with an AZ-5 button located on the control booths inside or with the portable button on the wall downstairs;
  • Reactor noise changes when core is exploded;
  • Vehicles to drive and smash into things with;
  • Day and Night versions with respectable lighting;
  • Destructible bendy cranes;
  • Destructible light poles;
  • Chimney stack with scaffolding around it;
  • Electrical panels that buzz and turn off if they break;
  • Moving rail cart inside;
  • Turnable valves;
  • Jointed ducts (unfinished);
  • Furnished staff rooms (unfinished);
  • Propane tanks that explode;
  • Hanging T.V. screens (unfinished);
  • Props (unfinished)
  • Fire station;
  • Dynamic catwalk inside;
  • Buttons to turn on and off the outside lights

☢️To do:
legend: - [currently in progress] - [finished]

  • retexture everything
  • add doors to doorways
  • add more conduits
  • make fire engine garage
  • more buttons on control panels
  • decorate outside
  • az5 button to panels
  • reactor sound off when panels broken
  • add forest area
  • add paths
  • add exterior attached rooms
  • add working clocks
  • completely furnish staff rooms
  • complete pipe room
  • complete upper level of staff rooms
  • Add cooling pond
  • Fix drawers
  • Add texturing to substation
  • Finish fire station
  • Make a cooling pond with a prismatic crane above it

this list be edited if either a) I think of something else or b) you think of something else