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About this mod

This is a map I've recently started and enjoy working on. It is a work-in-progress.
It features one main building with many floors and some other smaller structures on the outside.

Permissions and credits
This is unfinished and may be poorly optimized. Expect some lag on slow PCs.  I will continue to improve it as I learn.


A bunch of floors and some decorations
A somewhat working elevator (you'll need to stop it and open doors by yourself). If you want to script it to stop and/or open doors by itself, give me a shout if you get it to work and I'll credit you.
Very durable vehicle (not original, but improved)
Lots of joints/hinges to play with
Lots of props to throw around

To do:

Add floorplan to all apartments
Expand bottom floors (maybe)
Add more building features (windows, vents, etc.)
Add more to outside
Add more general details
Don't forget to check out the changelog below to see what's new.

Have fun!

Excuse the messy scene tree