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May Giveaway #2

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May Giveaway #2 Winner: sjatkins
Congratulations and thanks for participating! 
...and if you didn't win; better luck next time!

It's time for another giveaway!

For those of you that may have missed the initial announcement; as part our initiative to increase our social media following and presence, we will be running a giveaway twice a month.
Why do we care about our social media presence? 
Why not just run ads on social media? 
You can read more about that here!

Regardless of our reasons, we're giving away free stuff! A £35 Steam Gift Card to be precise!
(Approximately $50 USD depending on daily exchange rate)

Read this before you scurry off to enter or you might disqualify yourself!
In order to make sure that the winner comes from the Nexus Mods community, there are some mandatory steps for ensuring your eligibility.
1. Leave a comment on this article. You can say anything you want. (The site rules still apply!)
2. Log into the contest entry form with your preferred method.
3. Click the second entry action that says "Leave a comment on Nexus Mods"
4. Enter your Nexus Mods username into the text field.
(If you didn't leave a comment here before going to the contest entry form, be sure to follow the link back here and do that.)
No comment or valid username = no Steam Gift Card for you.

Click here to enter for your chance to win a £35 Steam Gift Card!
(Entry period ends on Wednesday, May 30 at 11:59 pm EST)


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    if I can win
  2. jp7477
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    I want to win
  3. ibrokeupmcr
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    dammit I was too late. :(
  4. Loveblanket
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    yay, more stuff
  5. CodeNamed1
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  6. steve40
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    Can I get the last comment in, just in the nick of time as the Gleam page counts down to zero......
    30 seconds left
    20 seconds
    10 seconds...
  7. houst4h65ny54w45poly
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    Here comes the money, here comes, the money
  8. doureallycare
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    Thx for the giveaway !
  9. molestia1337
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  10. GeraltTheGreyJedi
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    I know I'm gonna win, just won the lotto for $5 ;)