Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition
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About this mod

A collection of files that unlock various outfits that are not available in the game anymore. Restores older outfits from the PS3 version as well as unused outfits for a few characters. Read below for more details.

Permissions and credits
New Outfits


For Karol:

* Sergeant Keroro - Terca Lumereis Invasion, commence! (Note: character may change drastically depending on the scene.)

For Estelle:

* Locrian Sergeant - An outfit worn by those who with the ability to use the Seventh Fonon.

For Flynn:

* Replica Swordsman - An outfit made to look like one who was hailed as a hero. Though some say he was also a brat.

For Yuri:

* God General - They say he was kidnapped as a child and replaced with a clone. He's since made a legendary name for himself.

* Bare Minimum Coverage - It's hard to imagine how you could fight wearing only a towel, but hey...no one can stop you!

Unlockable Outfits

The costumes are attached to the following titles:

* Basic Swordsman (Yuri's "Certified Soldier" alt) (Obtained by default)

* Skilled Swordsman (Yuri's "Improvisionist" alt) (Obtained when Yuri reaches Level 20)

* Healer (Estelle's "Mysterious Maiden") (Obtained by default)

* Grand Mage (Rita's "Researcher for Life") (Obtained when Rita reaches level 20)

* Mage (Rita's "Researcher for Life" alt) (Obtained by Default)

* Captain (Flynn's towel) (Obtained by default)


Dengarde's Guides for the mod files and links to download them individually:

* Costume Restoration Guide 

* Lost PS3 Costumes


1) Navigate to your games local files

* Navigate to Tales of Vesperia in your library
* Right click on the name
* Click "Properties"
* In the window that pops up, click "Local Files"
* Click "Browse"

2) Navigate into the "Data64" Folder

3) Replace "menu.svo" in the folder called "Unlock Outfits with the "menu.svo" you just downloaded.Replace the contents of the "Restore PS3 Outfits" as well. (NOTE: It might be a good idea to make a backup of the originals just in case)

4) Once you are in game - make sure to unlock all the titles, and customization packs for the characters to have all outfits available from the start. Others you will unlock later through natural progression.