Tales Of Glory

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Custom skins for soldiers to look like they belong to different Game of Thrones realms.

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Short instruction how to use mods in TOG:
1. Go to the directory with game local files;
2. Create the "mods" folder;
3. Copy there all pictures from archives;
4. Rename pictures.

For that delete everything that is after the main name . For example "OutfitVHATX bar" - delete "bar" and space untill you have "OutfitVHATX"
Then delete the las "X" symbol and replace it with the number of the team
0 - your team
1- blue team
2- red
3- green
4 - purple
5 - yellow

So if you want you troops to have stark skins - all the images from stark archive should have "0" instead of last "X" letter. "OutfitVHATX" - -> "OutfitVHAT0" and others same way.
just rename the pictures correctly for each team and you have 5+yours realms skinned in modded way

this instruction might also help - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1537802389