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5 new enemy team skins: KFC, Burger King, Subway, Taco Bell & McDonalds

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Will Subway SUBdue you? Will Taco Bell "taco" you out? Will McDonalds ever get my order right? Things get out of hand when old rivalries erupt in The War of the Franchises

If you don't already have one create a folder in steamapps/common/TalesOfGlory/TalesOfGlory_Data/StreamingAssets named "CustomTexture" and unzip the files there. If you already have other texture files in there remove them and empty the folder first to prevent any conflicts then unzip the files there. 

Note: If you aren't on the beta you'll need to rename the 11 files with the word "Cloth" in the filename to "cloth" to get the Heavy Infantry & Knight textures loading in.