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Much more refined retexture. Adding more colors inside jacket and darkening some of the outfit.

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"A guy/gal called Xialoh came to me one day and asked if I could make the Black Jacketless Outfit the same on the original outfit. He also didn't like the blue in the jacket. He also wanted it darker. I delivered.

This retexture adds a wave of simplicity to Velvet's original outfit. The insides of the jacket are now the same red as the details on the outside. That rolled up sleave now has the same colour as the inside of the jacket. The busted corset is now black. The pants and leggings were darkened to match the corset. The black string holding the corset together is now coloured brown like twine (although it looks like leather at the moment. Meh). The bandage wraps around the arm are no longer prestine white, and have a slight coursenes to them (like, you know. Bandages). The jacket has been darkened a fraction, to meet the original request.

Currently, only the clean version of this outift is available. I plan to do a true "dirty" Bloody Mary outfit in the future, where Velvet didn't miraculously find a freshly laundered set of torn clothes from the prison, and where her quest of vengance has left a few marks."

Install Special K first


Place main file to Special K folder

Step 1: Place the 7zip file in your ToB Directory under Tales of Berseria\TBFix_Res\inject
Step 2: Leave the 7zip packed. Do not unpack it.
Step 3: Enjoy.

Full Credit to WolkenKatz