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Eleanor's Pirate Outfit DLC retexctured. Recolored outfit (White or Dark version) Pants restored. Recommend putting the eyepatch accessory if you have it in-game.

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"I never agreed with the design for most of the DLCs, but the Pirate one is the best in my opinion. There's still several things I thought were out of place, especially with Eleanor's. In her heart, she's still an exorcist, so why disgard the clothes all together? Why wear the torn hot-pants when she pointed out to Velvet they make her look loose, and she even goes as far to offer to repair the clothing? Introducing the Eleanor Pirate Preator Outfit!

This texture re-colour will make Eleanor's Pirate Outfit look like she altered her Exorcist outfits. And her pants have been restored! All those marriage requests are surely to be pure and honest from now on!

However I know you guys. Someone's gonna ask for a dark version. Introducing the Eleanor Pirate Traitor Outfit!

This texture re-colour will make Eleanor's Pirate Outfit look like it has bathed in the blood of those she has betrayed. But isn't gold supposed to tarnish easily?"

Install Special K first


Place main file to Special K folder

Step 1: Place the 7zip file in your ToB Directory under Tales of Berseria\TBFix_Res\inject
Step 2: Leave the 7zip packed. Do not unpack it.
Step 3: Enjoy.

Full Credit to WolkenKatz