Tales of Berseria
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Fairytale Outfit to Aristocrat.

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"Laphicet's Fairytale outfit can look pretty badass... if you don't look at that vest. Or that tail. But with some minor colour changes and some photoshop magic, Laphicet can go from being the whimsical fairytale that we know he is to the cool and sophisticated child we all know he wants to be.

Don't treat him like a child.

For those who are blind, yet can read, gone are the stripes on the arm. The jacket is now black, and the vest red with intricate little designs on it. The stripe down the side of the pants are now the pants colour, and the stripe darkened. The stirped socks have been replaced to something more sensable. And THAT DAMN TAIL IS NO MORE."

Optional blue highlights.


Install Special K first


Place main file to Special K folder

Step 1: Place the 7zip file in your ToB Directory under Tales of Berseria\TBFix_Res\inject
Step 2: Leave the 7zip packed. Do not unpack it.
Step 3: Enjoy.

Optional Blue Highlights

Place the .dds file in your ToB Directory under Tales of Berseria\TBFix_Res\inject\textures\streaming
Step 3: Enjoy

Full Credit to WolkenKatz