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As the name implies, this will only change the FOV.

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As the name implies, this will only change the FOV. No other tweaks have been made, not even camera position (except for the "personal preset").

Also maintains the original FOV fluctuations already present in the game. These kick in when in certain story segments, when approaching enemies in the wild, etc... So if in the vanilla game the FOV would change from 70 to 85, the same will happen now in a proportional manner whichever option you pick. I use 85, in case anybody cares.

Combat will stay the same. I managed to find the variable that affects it (and it didn't mess with any of the HUD elements) but unfortunately the combat FOV resets whenever there's any sort of "action" cutscene, such as when a character activates Over Limit. Once/if I figure out how to stop the game from reverting it, I'll update this mod with the respective combat FOV options. Thankfully the original combat camera is pushed quite far back, so jumping into and out of battle isn't jarring IMO.

Just copy the .pak file to the install directory at "Tales of Arise\Arise\Content\Paks\~mods\"
Create the ~mods folder if it doesn't exist.

gladias9 - Tweaks of Arise, which pointed me in the right direction of the game assets that needed to be changed.
Luigi Auriemma - quickBMS, used for unpacking game files.
kaiheilos - Asset Editor, used to manipulate the data, and repacking afterwards.
The Tales of Arise Mods discord.
emoose - Arise-SDK (nexus)(gitHub) - Must-have no matter what. Vanilla Tales of Arise has a laughably short, Dragon'sDogma-tier render distance for NPCs. With a higher FOV, that shortcoming is made much more obvious.