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V1.1 - Update to hair to include Mona's ponytail ends as shown in screenshots.
V1.1.1 - Fixed the fix. Puts the hat back in.

As promised, here's the Mona Megistus outfit for Rinwell!

Comes with: Costume, Hat, Hair, Eyes and Hair Color.

Permissions and credits
Update V1.1: Repackaged with latest hair files (includes the decorative end pieces as seen in screenshots). Apologies for the confusion.
Update V1.1.1: Put the hat back that I accidentally took out. Oops.

Please endorse if you enjoy. More good mods in store and will be released faster with more encouragement!

Replaces her default B outfit (after you've found enough owls early on).

She also comes with her hat, which sits on the Rinwell Buddy accessories slot (Requires the Premium Costumes DLC). Apologies to people without the DLC; it needs to use the buddy skeleton for movement.

Her hair sits on the schoolgirl C slot, same deal as above.

Finally, her hair color and eye color are seperate files, so you don't have to have purple hair/green eyes for the rest of your Rinwell costumes if you don't want to.

To install, drop the .pak files into

~\steamapps\common\Tales of Arise\Arise\Content\Paks\~mods

To remove, delete from there, or add a .bu to the end of the file.