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Removes *More Than Just* bust ribbon and back mantle thingy.

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My first ever mod.

Simple edit of Shionne's premium SW-EQ02F outfit that remove ribbon from her chest and skirt/mantle from her back.
This mod was created thanks to fatihG_, Telli and community of Tales of Arise Mods. Great people with great knowledge!

To install place .pak file into \Tales of Arise\Arise\Content\Paks\~mods

Use only one SKIN edit at once as they are replacing same slot!


Hello there. With last step that took way too long I think I finished this mod. From this point onward I will update all models before 1.2.0 to fix "invisibiliy" bug in certain cases, consider some of requests and eventually tweak some small details of this edit. 

Thank you all for acommpanying me in my first steps of modding. Now my main objective where I will put most of my free time is SAO Alicization Lycoris Weapon Pack. As it is pretty big (as for me) project, it will take some time to finish. Im going to publish updates once in a while when I will have enoguh material to update. See you soon!


Hey guys. I've finally got some time, and after getting more experience with creation of Void Sword mod I'm coming back with next bigger update.
This time I've removed some cloth from her in 2 variants. Belly only & Belly + inner Thighs as some of requests suggested. This version should also repair reported bug where Shionne disappears in later part of story (Funny thing, she didn't dissapeared, she was just humongous. Like REALLY, she was probably so big that she could directly step over onto Rena from Dahna lol.) Next step and finish line of this mod is adding underboob as one of my replies in comments show.
After this I probably will do only minor updates/modifications + fix to all previous models to repair her gigantism & hair "reflectivity".

I can't believe how this mod exploded and got so many downloads. Thank you guys, I really appreciate this.

On side note, in near future I'm gonna update previously mentioned Void Sword mod and add alternative version that replaces Rusted Sword.


I've updated models to repair normal problems noticed by hecklernk.
And as I was finally able to find & resolve my problem, I've also added no chest ribbon only ver. as requested by MasterVegito2012 & AngelDeath24
Additionaly as optional file there is edited Battle Braid B with no bowstring tie, unfortunately it have same "reflection" problem like Swimsuit ones, i still don't understand why though. I'm going to look into this more.

Finally Thank You all very much, i didn't expect such feedback and downloads as this is my beginning of modding journey. I really appreciate it as it gives me motivation to work and develop further. Once again, Thank You all!