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SAO Alicization Lycoris Weapon Pack!

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Hi guys,

Here I come with next (slightly BIGGER) project.

I present you Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris Weapon Pack for Tales of Arise!
For now it is only a small preview but final goal of this pack is about at least 30 and at most 50 weapons (swords, katanas, rapiers, MACES, spear - yeah not only for Alphen), each one having color variant!

And another update. Next BIG weapon for Kisara (6 variants) and standard size for Alphen (4 variants). I'm working or another thicc big bonker for Alphen, it should be coming soon.

Big thanks to TriniXjin at Tales Of Arise Mods discord for help with textures!

Next update! Today I'm giving you one of swords from preview pack (the one with big guard) - in 5 variants. Also set of Hammers for Kisara - in 5 variants too!
Next one will probably be some greatsword... See you soon!


Okay, finally I've got some free time so I'm coming back to you guys with reworked (upscaled, more shinny and fabulous) Katana from preview pack - in 5 variants! From now onward I'm gonna post zip packs of  single weapon in few variants. Also I'm throwing in a spear for Dohalim as seperate file. See you again in few days!


So today we got SAO Alicization Lycoris collaboration DLC, and this DLC finnaly gave us one gorgeous sword. But sadly didn't gave us option to use it as Fire Sword! Well, worry no more as I'm giving you guys option to use Blue Rose Sword as a skin for Alphen's Fire Sword!

Blue Rose comes in 2 variant, one shaded "flat" (for me better looking one) which gives "sharper" looks, with less smooth shadows.
Second version is Smooth Shaded, shadows looks, well as name says, smoother but sword looses some of it's edge.
Look for photos to compare which version do you prefer! 

As I'm giving you this mod I also STRONGLY recommend you buying this DLC to support devs and MOST IMPORTANTLY DUAL WIELD 

Soon I'm gonna upload reworked versions of already uploaded swords + little something for Kisara and Dohalim so stay tuned!


This teaser pack gives you 3 swords: one in 2 variants (out of 5), second in 1 variant (out of 4) and a katana (1 variant out of 5), all of them replaces Rusted Sword slot for Alphen.

I'm aware of slighly low texture quality but i'm releasing this as a teaser to gather feedback from you whether this pack would be even desirable.

So if you downloaded this pack, please leave a comment with your opinion whether you liked it or not, if there are things I should correct, if textures are enough quality for you etc.


To install place desired .pak file into \Tales of Arise\Arise\Content\Paks\~mods

Use only one pak at once as they are replacing same (Rusted Sword) slot!