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A slightly more cleaned up and slimmed down (size wise) version of the Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 mod created by Laudani.

Permissions and credits
The original mod was done by Laudani.

Things that were changed/added:

  • Reduced the overall size of the downloaded mod by over 250MB.
  • Fixed cards to have proper rotation if they are meant to be viewed in landscape.
  • Remade Dossier Sheet/Door models and used some cleaner scans from Boardgamer.ru
  • Added snap points for practically everything. 
  • Added specific areas with information on what should be placed there for some easy organization.
  • Fixed the box model.  The original model was meant to stand upright so I fixed it to lay down by default.

*** A Side Note on This Mod ***

This was worked on back in July 2018.  I'm pretty sure I finished fixing everything and placed everything in the correct area but I never did a full test so I can't be 100% sure.  I just figured I'd upload it anyway.  If you spot something missing, let me know and I might try to fix it.