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Contains Extension #1 and Extension #2 as well as a script for easy game setup.

Permissions and credits
All models and scans were done by me except for the cards/tiles from Extension #2, those were done by Violet Moon on boardgamer.ru

This mod contains the all modules from Extension #1 and Extension #2.  It also contains a script for easy game setup.

The script will do the following:

  • Shuffles bag of Building Tiles, draws 4, and places them on the Market board.
  • Deals out Currency cards for each player until they accumulate at least 20 in value.
  • Draws 4 Currency cards and places them face-up under the Market board.
  • Divides deck into 5 stacks, places Scoring Round cards in to appropriate stacks, shuffles stacks, and forms completed Currency draw pile.
  • Picks first player based on game rules. Player with least amount of cards is first. If there is a tie, the first player is the one with the least amount of money. Still a tie? The first player is randomly selected.
  • Options to include whichever Extension modules you wish.
  • Any unneeded components will be removed from the table.