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A setup battle ready to go for the game BattleTech. House Davion vs. a mercenary force.

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Upon this desolate desert planet lies rumors of a Star League-era facility, buried deep within the sand. The Federated Suns of House Davion have scouted out the rumored coordinates and have sent a lance of 'Mechs from their military to take the area by force. They encounter a lance of mercenaries, also sent to take the area by force, for an unknown employer. This is the tale of the battle.

Federated Suns
Wolfhound WLF-1A
Crab CRB-27
Rifleman RFL-3C
Warhammer WHM-6D

Raven RVN-2X
Griffin GRF-1S
Dragon DRG-1C
Thunderbolt TDR-5S

Each side is a standard lance (light, medium, and two heavy 'Mechs), with equal tonnage and very very close BV. There are resources on the table to help with gameplay such as dice for rolling, dice and counters for marking sheets, calculators, reference sheets, and even the BattleTech Total Warfare rulebook on the tablets. Happy hunting.