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This is Game Session Setup for newest release of Dungeons and Dragons 5e

It contains:
All cards for spells
All DM sheets

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This is still work in progress...

Hi all... I hope guys you will like this.

To be a DM (Dungeon Master or Game Master (GM)):
  • Big grey fog on the right is DM hidden table.
  • To be the GM do this: Click Menu -> Change Color -> then black on the middle of table (Game Master).
  • Now you will see hidden table and all content on that table. You can only see.

Mod place in -> \<USER NAME>\Documents\My Games\Tabletop Simulator\Mods\Workshop\

  • This is full Dungeons and Dragons 5e Game Session Setup.
  • It is easy to use. Easy for players and for Dungeon Masters.
  • It contain a lot of DM Sheets.

  • Made character sheet for tablet. Now it will be much easier to track and edit all character information. For more information DM please read Notepad in the game.
  • Spell Cards (in DM table) are now using new function of TTS. They are all named and sorted so DM can now easily find a spell.
  • Placed several Dice Tower for people who likes to use it.
  • Placed different trays to make bigger table.
  • Placed new blank Map and make smaller grid.
  • Added several tolls for DM and added Contents page for all 3 DnD 5th edition core books.
  • Added tokens for (ranged numbers from 1-20) representing monsters or npc or even player characters. Change the colours of tokens if you want to easy see who is who.
  • Added percentage die for players and DM. They are different colour to recognise them easily.
  • Some additional tweaks...

Big thanks to Wizards of the Coast.