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A tool to create decks for Tabletop Simulator from single card images

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This  tool works mostly like Andrew Mazar's Deck Building Tool but has some extra features:

- Made with .net so should not have memory problems
- Has Undo/Redo for everything
- Zoom in/out with mousewheel
- Scroll around by holding middle mouse button
- Cards can be moved around by drag&drop and with the arrow keys
- Cards can be copy & pasted
- single cards can be added by drag&drop to the location where they were dropped
- complete card sets can be imported when specially named
- the export menu allows to define a max size, so if your deck would be
- can upload exported decks to imgur, dropbox, google drive and cubeupload
10000x20000 and you set max size to 4096 the final exported size will be

It can load deck save's from Anrew's tool and saves in the same format. Many thanks to Andrew for creating his Deck Building Tool that gave me the basis on which to base my tool!

Leave feature requests, bug reports or feedback at the forum: http://www.berserk-games.com/forums/showthread.php?1384-TTS-Deck-Editor