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FreeDM is a modification with the sole purpose of removing some of the base limitations that DMs have

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FreeDM is a modification with the sole purpose of removing some of the base limitations that DMs have, without fundamentally altering the game itself.  Other mods, such as my SCL-R and Mad.Hatter's SCLNext have sought to bring some fundamental re-balances or even redesigns to SCL.  FreeDM does not take that approach.  FreeDM leaves all of standard SCL intact, while removing some of the shackles on the DMs.   This is the first and only mod that I personally recommend for everyone.  With this mod, you should experience no changes to game-play, but will have access to create and play adventures with content that is not available with standard SCL.
  • Content Creators (DMs) -- You will find a substantial amount of new content and options to help make your adventures even better.  This includes those who create modules for non-DM play!
  • Everyone Else!! -- You will have the correct files needed to view all of this new content, without alterations that would affect your actual gameplay!
 Here is a brief run-down of what is included in this mod:
  • Over 40 new placeables, including corpses, decorations, furniture and foliage.  (Identifiable by an asterisk (*) near the name of the placeable
  • A set of over 100+ NPCs for you to use to populate your world.
  • A set that gives access to nearly every enemy in the game, in a single creature set!  This includes Bosses.
  • A placeable (and, yes ThugraKhotan, a deletable) Beholder enemy!
  • Character Modifiers--When creating a monster or NPC, you will have access to a new category of "Character Modifiers" to help spruce up and individualize your character in new ways
  • DM "Treats"--Triggers that bestow blessings upon your adventurers!
  • DM "Tricks"--triggers that bestow curses upon your adventurers!
  • Ambush Trigger!--In combination with the Ambush Modifier, this will allow you to stage ambushing NPCs that will only appear and attach should a player stumble over the placed ambush trigger.  
  • New Weather--The Fog, Dense Fog, Downpour, Blizzard and Tempest weather effects are available!