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A newspaper released every three sol which produces stories dependent upon your in-game actions... or throws in some cute filler stories... all meant to bring your colony to life and provide a new way to connect with your colonists (be they idiot or leader!).

Permissions and credits
News (Nov 23rd):  We're now over 150 stories!  Numerous stories have now been updated to incorporate the use of relevant in-game images when appropriate and possible!  Also, the Martian Tribune now allows for the incorporation of news stories produced by other mods.  Between this and the recent Translation update, let the collaborations commence!

Mod Description:
The Martian Tribune is a dynamic newspaper with stories driven by your in-game actions.  Stories are released when:
1.  tech research completes
2.  dome loses power
3.  a building malfunctions due to an idiot
4.  your colony has a martianborn celebrity
5.  currently declared leader dies (btw, we declare a leader for your colony :-) )
6.  ...and many other scenarios
In the comments below, be sure to tell us what stories you liked the best!

How this works:
Every third sol you will receive a notification in the upper left that declares "The Martian Tribune" and the current sol ("AMC" stands for After Martian Colonization).  This opens the newspaper popup.  Each edition consists of the three stories, but also allows you to access all previously presented stories by viewing their Archives.  The three sections are:  Top Stories, Interstellar Engineering, and Red Planet Socialites
Of note: is that I wanted to be able to praise and chastise the colony leader without calling out the player directly.  To do this we have declared one of your more noteworthy colonists to be the colony's chosen leader and given them an appropriate title.  Titles depend on your sponsor. Current possible titles are CEO, CFO, Chairman, President, Prime Minister, Oracle (for the Church), and Secretary General (for the Stargate Command mod!).

Collaboration:  If you're a mod creator, you can potentially add your own story to our newspaper, or incorporate a specific Leader Title for a custom sponsor see our GitHub wiki for how (and feel free to ask in a discussion thread here!).

Lastly, in it's initial beta release there were already over 90 stories present... and on top of that, it's taken over 4000 lines of code to make this mod a reality.  I absolutely could not have accomplished this on my own, so let me give a shout out to a few individuals who deserve praise and thanks for their assistance:
Dawnmist: for all of the hard work to refactor so much amateur code that I originally created, completing the translation compatibility, and numerous other things
u/mmmmmmBacon12345: pet rock and refuse stories
u/Hits-With-Face: concrete extractor and founder death stories
u/psilocybes:  earthling delay and one of the vegan stories
u/CPTBigglesworth:  inspiring the OnThisDay series of stories
u/RamsesThePigeon:  for the most amazing First Words quote imaginable (see image above)
Jalif (discord community):  the simple, but elegant and effective notification icon!
u/Cory_Gaelic / coryirish (also designated as contributor):  over 70 of the stories included!
The entire Surviving Mars Modding Community Discord!