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You do not know what is danger!!
Add difficult patterns and enemies to the game.
yet, It is a RTS game!

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1. All maps of gm.
2. The new map will automatically develop the technology defense battery, three fighting vehicles, and the range of attack range of 100.
3. Each population is born with a 20% chance of a random dome being attacked by a meteor, starting from the 20th day.
4. Each population is born with a 10% chance of randomly appearing 5 rebels, starting from day 20.
5. Every new immigrant has a 10% chance to trigger the drone madness, and the ESO attack. It starts on day 30.
6. Every new immigrant has a 5% chance to trigger a variety of natural disasters, starting with the 30th day.
From day 10, there is a massive attack every 10 days.
8. The enemy's chariot can be repaired and restored to player control.
9. All three types of attack weapons can be built directly using resources or purchased directly from stores.
10. Statistics and preservation of various attacks and disaster data, and calculation of scores.
11. Increased control commands, combat uavs and vehicles can be targeted like a real-time strategy game.