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The BlackOps Team and Brandon007

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Raplaces the default ACUs with highly customizable ACUs

Permissions and credits
-New ACU Models to facilitate new upgrades.
-Roughly 24 Upgrades per side.
-Upgrades organized into Trees to make advancment options easier to identify.
-Each upgrade provides a health boost to the ACU.
-Endgame ACU Health ranges from 60,000 HP to 80,000 HP.
-Endgame ACU Firepower (DPS) ranges from 1200 to 2200+ dps.
-Upgrades times set up so that Endgame Maxed Upgrades occures at about 1hr+ mark.
-Transparent Cloak Effects.
-Anti Teleport Functions to prevent Combombing.
-Teleport Range Limitations forcing players to use their teleporters for short hops.
-Cheaper Faster Charging Teleporter.
-ACU Teleportation Range Circles. (Marked by Counter Intel Ring)
-Default & Sorian AIs Function Correctly.
-Duncane's AI has been reported to work correctly.

---===Mod Team===---
Exavier Macbeth
Insane Rocket Scientist
Mod Author (Coder)
Kirvesnaama - Animator/Modeler/Ideas/Icons
Weapons Code from Unleashed
Sorian - Tips dealing with AIs
DeadMG - Help with icon loading script rewrite
BulletMagnet - Help with targetting controls on Lambda Fields
SXO - Testing
Regabond - Testing
Mocafrost - Testing
Mithy - Teleport System Improvments
CovertJaguar - Transparent Cloak System
silenthunter - Original Anti-Teleport Coding Help
Brandon - Nexus Page