Supreme Commander 2
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Adds an experimental defense tower to each fraction.

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Adds an experimental defense tower to each fraction.

    Cybran tower has flame weapon and a small bouncer shield.Illuminate tower has a beam weapon and a small bubble shield .UEF tower has a gauss weapon and a small bubble shield.All towers have long range, area damage and are anti air and land.Can be built on water.

I used a larger version of existing models.
Find it in the experimental build tab.

To install, copy the file into your /gamedata directory.
Remove old version if previously installed.

V1.11 Changes:

    Balance changes - damage and damage area slightly reduced.Illuminate weapon changed, the old version looks too much like the Loyalty Gun.Fixed minor issue preventing unit from showing in debug mode spawn list.Icons changed slightly.

V1.1 Changes:
Cybran weapon changed from lasers to flame.
UEF weapon changed to gauss.
Illuminate shield research requirement removed.