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OBM is intended to provide high resolution textures for the Earth and stars in Superpower 2.

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Blue Marble

Installation :

1. Make a backup of the SP2 folder located in "SuperPower 2\MODS\"
2. Paste the SP2 folder that came with this download into your MODS folder located at "\SuperPower 2\MODS"
3. Patch your Joshua.exe located at "steamapps\common\SuperPower 2" (root folder) with the Large Address Aware software. This is mandatory or your game will crash when you boot the game.
4.. Start the game and increase the texture setting to "high" at "Game Options>Video" - if you haven't already. This toggles the OBM textures.
5. Enjoy! Please provide feedback!

As OBM overhauls a lot of textures with high resolution counterparts, this is reflected on the games memory usage. After some stability tests I've concluded that a "large address aware tool" is required to be used on the Joshua.exe.

Normally the game will receive a runtime error around 1.6 - 2.0 GB RAM usage. With the large address aware modification on the .exe this number increases to 4 GB (on 64-bit systems only).

Use this link to download a easy to use large address aware tool:

Go to the thread dedicated to the tool and read the details, the download is embedded at the bottom of the original post as well:

Make a backup of your Joshua.exe file and proceed with patching it with the large address aware tool. Make sure to tick step 2 in the large address aware tool 

I recommend monitoring your game's memory usage after this change. If the game is nearing 4GB memory usage; refresh the client or brace for a runtime error.

As the developers haven't recompiled the Joshua.exe to 64-bit this is a necessary step before using OBM or you will get frequent runtime errors due to the game hitting its 2 GB memory cap.

You have to patch your Joshua.exe with LAA every time Superpower 2 receives a patch!

Optional installations :
8K Clouds : extract the "cloud_1024" file to "MODS\SP2\data\textures\earth\cloud" - overwrite all when asked
Different City Light texture : extract the "city_2048" file to "MODS\SP2\data\textures\earth" - overwrite all when asked 

Superpower 2 normally uses mostly 256x256/512x512 resolution textures, which won't stress any modern machines with decent GPUs.
OBM utilizes 72 new high resolution texture maps, all which are 2K in resolution or higher. This will have an effect on VRAM usage on your graphics card.
The default high resolution textures uses upwards to 350MB VRAM on my end. With OBM installed this number doubles towards 800MB VRAM or probably more. Please make sure your GPU has enough available VRAM to use OBM. Lower resolution versions may get released in the future if there is a demand.

v0.1 "New Marble" -
Initial Release
v0.2 "Blue Marble" -
Removed the sun glare effect
OBM textures now use the "high" texture setting (game will now render normal maps in tandem with OBM)
Added 4K cloud texture
Added 4K space texture - model provided by ZDisket
Added a new particle texture (if you're using ZDisket's City Lights mod, this will make the city lights smaller).
Added new 4K watermask (subsequently lowered the speculars, for visual clarity reasons)
v0.2.1 "Blue Marble" -
Added new 4K cloud texture (downscaled version of 8K version)
Fixed seams on optional 8K cloud texture (mostly)
Added the default low-res textures back in ("low" texture setting now works)
v0.3 "Dark Marble" -
Added 16K night texture
Added optional 8K night texture (massive step down from the 16K version, but if your PC cannot handle the 16K version then this is an option.)
Added experimental "16K+" night texture (Fair warning; this is a massive texture of the city lights, around twice the size of the 16K version. The game will freeze
for some time (length depends if you're using an SSD or regular mechanical drive before you're taken to the main menu.)
Added new Moon texture (low resolution NASA image) - model provided by ZDisket.
Added new Earth textures (downscaled to 2K from extremely high resolution NASA image.)
v1.0 "Great Marble"
Added 4K Earth Textures (60 optional 4K textures that cover everything except for the south pole - included in 1.0)
Added 16K Watermask (will include old 4K texture as optional)
Added 1K textures for strategic map
Optimized 4K (4096x4096) Earth textures. Ocean and south Antarctica tiles are now 1K (1024x1024) textures - done in an attempt to avoid high RAM usage on the getgo 
after booting the game. After testing these textures I've managed to eliminate around 300 MB RAM usage, with minimal loss of overall quality.
Fixed South Antarctica bump texture
Tweaked 16K watermask texture (v1.0.2)
Added 2K bump maps (v1.0.2)
Added optional region textures. These textures will change how all the games provinces are rendered in-game. They will now be more transparent, displaying the underlying Earth textures further. Note that this might make conquest of
countries with "micro provinces" especially difficult.
Removed v1.0.2 bump maps.
Added new bump maps. Credit goes to ZDisket for redirecting me to the Natural Earth website containing the original relief image. Credit also goes to Natural Earth.
Removed v1.0 Earth textures in optional.
Added v1.0.3 optimized 4K textures as the default texture package.
Removed redundant water_1024 zip file in the optional folder.
Added new menu logo.
Added new watermask. Rasterized vector river map. From Natural Earth.
Tweaked watermask. Merged Natural Earth river map with GSHHG version 2.3.7 data.
Adjusted night texture
Adjusted all Earth textures - currently has some issues stemming from the post processing method applied, will be investigated further.
Added sp2_cfg_client.xml - cloud fade settings adjusted for OBM
Added new watermask - reversed v1.1.2 change, new mask done from scratch

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for providing the images necessary to create this texture modification.
Natural Earth.