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Customize your store’s name with ease. Simple and quick, this mod lets you infuse personality into your game’s marketplace.

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🛒 StoreRenamer: Your Store, Your Name! 🛒

Introducing StoreRenamer, the mod that puts the power of personalization in your hands! Say goodbye to generic store names and hello to a world of creativity.
  • Personal Touch: Rename your store to reflect your unique style or pay homage to your favorite characters.
  • Easy to Use: A user-friendly config makes renaming your store a breeze.
  • Fully Customizable: Whether it’s “Bob’s Burgers” or “The Potion Commotion,” your store can be anything you envision.

Transform your virtual marketplace with StoreRenamer and make your mark on the world! Because your store should be as unique as you are. 🌟
Note: The mod does not affect gameplay mechanics, only the aesthetics of store names.

How to install?
  • Download and MelonLoader from Here.
  • Launch the base game, "Supermarket Simulator," and allow it to run once before proceeding.
  • Exit the game, and then run MelonLoader.Installer.exe. In Unity Game, click 'Select' button and locate "Supermarket Simulator", select it and accept. (Optional) Uncheck "Latest" from Version and manually select 0.5.7.
  • Unzip the "StoreRenamer" mod files and transfer the contents into the mods folder located at X:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Supermarket Simulator\Mods or Right click game in Steam -> Manage -> Browse local files.
  • Modify “[GameFolder]\UserData\StoreRenamer.cfg” to your choice.
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