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Allows all of the game's cosmetic outfits to be purchasable from the beginning of the game.

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I don't like when games put arbitrary restrictions on when cosmetics can be obtained. I'd much rather have the freedom to choose which outfit I want to wear at any point. This is a rather simple mod that allows you to do just that by making every single clothing set and cap purchasable from any gold coin store. There are no prerequisites to unlock any of them, and there is also an edition of the mod that adjusts the prices to be less ridiculous.

  • Outfits that required the player to reach a certain world before they appeared in the shops are now in all shops from the beginning of the game.
  • Outfits that required the player to get a certain number of moons before they appeared in the shops are now in all shops from the beginning of the game.
  • All outfits that are normally unlocked via game progress can be purchased from the shop. (They still unlock via progress if not purchased)
  • All outfits that could only be purchased with special collectible coins in a specific world are now purchased with regular coins in any world instead.
  • Optional: All outfit prices have been adjusted to be more consistent, so grinding the Luigi balloon minigame isn't required.

  • The order of outfits in the shop has been re-sorted so that all outfits that are required for power moons are the first outfits in the list (and in order of when they'll be required). All other outfits have been re-sorted so that outfits of the same type are grouped together.
  • The prices of decorations for Mario's ship have been increased so that all of the world's collectible coins are required to purchase them all. The coins that would have been required to purchase the unique outfit(s) for that world have been evenly distributed across all of the stickers and souvenirs.
  • It is highly recommended that you start a new game after installing this mod to prevent these price changes from making it impossible to afford all of the stickers and souvenirs with their new prices!

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