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Regretting that "Pen Pal" thing? Or decided crossbow is better than sword? How about a skill reset! This mod adds a "Reset" text button to each skill tab to enable instant reset of skills for free and as often as you need.

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** Please send me a PM or email if you have issues with this or any of my mods.  I cannot (well I'm too lazy to...) check the Posts on all the mods, and I don't really play the game any more, so I count on emails for feedback.  Thanks! **

Public Service Announcement:

It's been hard to find the time to create new mods and support the ones I've made.  If you like my mods, please consider a small tip (any amount) on Ko-fi to help me convince my wife that this modding stuff is worth my time =)  Just scan the QR code below with your phone or click it to get started.  Thanks a ton!

Adds a "Reset" text button just below the available skill points count in each skill tab.  Once clicked, all points in that skill category are returned to the pool.  Easy as that. 

I have thoroughly tested saving and loading and such after many times resetting and reallocating my skills and have experienced no issues.  That being said, I highly recommend backing up your save files ("%APPDATA%/../LocalLow/Pixel Sprout Studios/Sun Haven/Saves"), just in case.

Config Options:

In-game Controls

None that I'm aware of; let me know if so.  I have not tested anything in multiplayer as I have no friends.

1. Install BepInEx
2. Download and extract this mod.
3. Copy the extracted file(s) to your <sunhaven-install>/BepInEx/plugins directory.
4. Run the game.  Enjoy!

Source Code and Issues:
All my Sun Haven mods are on GitHub here:  I try to keep them as specific and simple as possible.  Any issues or requests, just PM me here, on github, or email devopsdinosaur __a_t__