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Modify UI scale & zoom level

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This mod allows you to adjust:

Main Menu UI scale
In-game UI scale
Zoom level

Each can be turned on/off independently of the other.

It's not a set level as pictured. You can make it as small or as big as you want!

Main-Menu UI scale adjusts the UI of the main menu
The in-game UI scale adjusts the UI once loaded into a character. Action bar, quest log, etc.
Zoom level adjusts how far in or out the camera is. Unmodded allows for 2x to 4x.

Note that if you have the Zoom level module enabled, the Zoom slider in the game options won't do anything.


1. Install BepInEx 5 (in the SunHaven root directory where the game executable is located.)
2. Extract mod zip into the same directory
3. Run game
4. If it's too small/large, alt-tab and go to the config file located in the config folder inside the BepInEx directory and adjust as needed and save.
5. Alt-tab back in the game and press F6.


BepInEx addon, ScriptEngine is included by default and allows mod settings to be reloaded without having to restart the game. It's not a requirement for the mod to function, just a quality of life tool. If you don't want to use it, you can delete ScriptEngine.dll from the plugins folder, and move UIScales.dll from the scripts folder to the plugins folder. 

p1xel8ted/SunHavenMods: Collection of SunHaven Mods (


Default config is included and is found in the config folder.


Requires BepInEx 5 to be installed first.

Release BepInEx 5.4.19 · BepInEx/BepInEx (