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Not a fan of fishing mini-games? Me neither. So let's remove it. Now with Easy Fishing by devopsdinosaur integrated and a whole heap more!

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Continued development, testing, & managing user reports all take time; any support is greatly appreciated! If you can't donate and enjoy the mod, please consider endorsing the mod (thumbs up 'Endorse' button up the top)!

You can also find me in the Sun Haven Discord, #game-mods -


  • All features below can be enabled/disabled/modified via the in-game config provided by ConfigManager. The default key is F1.
  • When a 'base' value is mentioned, it means the value before any talent buffs are applied.
  • Double Base Bobber Attraction Radius = Increases the distance of the bobber's ability to attract fish.
  • Enable Instant Attraction = Fish are immediately drawn to the bobber.
  • No More Nibbles = Fish are hooked on the first bite; no more nibbling and fleeing.
  • Double Base Fish Swim Speed = Fish swim towards the bobber at double the previous rate.
  • Modify Fish Spawn Limit/Fish Spawn Limit = Controls how many fish can be spawned in a scene simultaneously.
  • Modify Fish Spawn Multiplier/Fish Spawn Multiplier = As above? 
  • Auto Reel = No need to press the button to reel; it's automatic (the reel animation still plays).
  • Instant Auto Reel = No need to press the button to reel; it's automatic with no reel animation.
  • Enhance Base Cast Length = Increases the base distance you can throw the bobber.
  • Modify Fishing Rod Cast Speed/Fishing Rod Cast Speed = How quickly the power bar fills up when casting the line.
  • Skip Fishing Mini Game = Removes the minigame entirely—Star of the show.
  • Modify Mini Game Speed/Mini Game Max Speed = Slowdown/increase the speed of the cursor in the minigame.
  • Modify Mini Game Win Area Multiplier/Mini Game Win Area Multiplier = Control the sizing of the win area in the minigame.
  • Disable Caught Fish Window = Stop showing that ridiculous massive window with one line saying, "You caught a fish!"
  • Modify the Bubble Spell to limit the number of fish that can be caught. Scales with Bubble kill level. Check the games tooltips.

  • Debug = Toggles logging, mainly for testing purposes.
  • Reset to Recommended = Does nothing; it's just for the button in the UI. Clicking the button will reset all your settings to what I use.

Note on Configuration

The functionality for the configuration menu via F1 is provided by ConfigurationManager - a plugin made by a key contributor to BepInEx. It is bundled in the Sun Haven BepInEx Pack or can be obtained separately from here.


Sun Haven BepInEx 5 Pack at Sun Haven Nexus - Mods and Community (


Preferred method is to use Vortex. If installing manually, place the mod DLL into the Plugins folder found within the BepInEx folder.


p1xel8ted/SunHaven: Collection of SunHaven mods and tweaks. (