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CheatManagerZero is a simple GUI window for handling console cheat commands and many more options.

Permissions and credits
- GUI window opens with the (Default: F5) key, to get mousepointer press (Default: F4) key
- Ingame debug console (console will catch all game log messages) If enabled in the configuration file press (Default: Delete) to show
- switching all gamemodes (freedom, creative, survival, hardcore)
- overPower toggle button or console command "overpower"
  (Default: 2x Health, 2x player Oxygen) Range: 1-10
  (hunger / thirst time (Default: 1) Range: 1-10 (Game default: 10))
- give all techs (with button 'unlockall')
- day/night button
- alwaysday toggle button (no more night) or console command: "alwaysday"
- you can set day/night speed
- unlock doors button (open all precursor doors without key)
- unlock all PDA encyclopedia button (ency all)
- toggle buttons colored: red inactive, green active
- warp/backwarp function with sound effect (can warp within seamoth and exosuit)
- some information (day, position, temperature, speed etc...)
- seaglide: fast speed available
- hoverbike can move on water
- vehicle speed control (seamoth, prawn suit, hoverbike)
- seamoth can fly
- shotgun mode available
- you can spawn everything you need, simply select a category and select item from list.
- item names appear in the game's language setting and sort by ABC ascendacy
- nocold command: Player has immune to cold.
- You can toggle the weather (noWeather)
- Warp point adding: Now You can add a new warp point with the Player current position if  its not within 50m to another  warp point.
- Warp point removing: Press RMB to select and press remove button. (You can only delete personal warp points.)
- Now You can completely disable the iceworm.
- CheatManagerZero now can automatically detect modded items and adds to item type list.


Unpack the archive to folder \SubnauticaBelowZero\QMods\.
Should be \Steam\steamapps\common\SubnauticaBelowZero\QMods\CheatManagerZero\
\Epic Games\SubnauticaBelowZero\QMods\CheatManagerZero\