Subnautica: Below Zero
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Change prawn arms and access the storage container while piloting the prawn suit.

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**This mod is completly inspired from Prawn Upgrade Access for Subnautica, by OrbitalsFear**

This mod allows the user to change prawn upgrades and arms while piloting the prawn suit.  It is very common to switch between the grapple and drill arm.  I found it annoying to constantly get out of the prawn to swap arms. 


While inside the prawn suit, press slot button 1 or 2.  This will open the upgrades PDA.

Accessing the prawn storage container:

While inside the prawn suit, press the Reload button (default R).  This will open the prawn's storage container.


You can configure up to two buttons which will each open upgrade or storage container.

Inside the mod.json file, the Config section will allow you to change buttons.  Leave the value as "" if you only want one or none buttons to perform an action.

Although any valid GameInput.Button value  will work, here is a list of common button choices:
  • AltTool
  • Reload
  • Deconstruct
  • PDA
  • Slot1
  • Slot2
  • Slot3
  • Slot4
  • Slot5
  • Slot6


This is a QMod compliant mod.  First install QModManager, then copy this mod folder into your QMod directory.