Subnautica: Below Zero
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Now you can Create and share CUSTOM POSTERS!!!
NOTE! This mod will come with 1 Poster. You will need to make your own using the instructions in the Description of this mod.
I am sure there will be people Uploading more as well.

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I had heard some people wanting Custom Posters to go with the Custom Hull Plates. So here it is.   

!!!!!Custom Posters!!!!!
First things first. In order for this mod to load your custom made posters, you will need 3 files inside a folder inside this mods Posters folder.

The path will look like this.....  QMods\CustomPosters\Posters\{YourFolderHere}

now inside that folder you will need 3 files,  info.json, icon.png, and texture.png. 

inside the json file you will need 4 settings like this:

"InternalName": "BrollyPoster",
"DisplayName": "Brolly Poster",
"Description": "A Decorative Brolly Poster",
"Orientation": "Landscape"

"InternalName"   MUST BE UNIQUE!!!!!!   dont hesitate to throw some numbers in it.
"DisplayName" will be shown ingame as the name of the item.
"Description" will be the tooltip text.
"Orientation" can be Landscape or Portrait.   honestly if you fail to type one of those correctly it will default to Portrait.

Now the icon.png is what will be shown in the ***Fabricator*** and so I recommend making it round in shape to look proper.
The texture.png can be either landscape or portrait as long as you set the setting correctly in the info.json
There is a maximum resolution that will be displayed properly and after that it tends to crop the edges of the image to fit on the poster.

now it is very important that you name those 3 files correctly otherwise the mod will not load your poster.
Same with the key names in the Json file.