Subnautica: Below Zero
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Overall Improvement of the Alien Containment Unit. Configurable number of allowable fish, Auto feed into bioreactors, Ocean re-population capabilities.

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Alien Containment Unit is configurable to allow between 10(default) up to 100 space inside. 
Large Room Alien Containment Unit is configurable to allow between 20(default) up to 200 space inside. 

After the ACU reaches full capacity it will begin to put newly bred fish into bioreactors that are attached to the base.
If after all Bioreactors are full then it will begin to release non hostile bred fish into the ocean to re-populate the area around your base. (Configurable!)

The following is currently impossible until the jellyfish eggs are available in-game but the code is implemented for when UWE releases the eggs.
Breeding Jellyfish in an ACU will give 100 power capacity per eel and power will be generated at a rate of 100 power per day per eel. (Not much but some.)