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Tobey Blaber

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Snap-to-Grid in Subnautica: Below Zero!

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This version of SnapBuilder is for Subnautica: Below Zero!
For the original Subnautica version, follow this link:

Finally, we can build perfectly aligned and rotated items with the Habitat Builder!

Fully customisable - all keybinds and snapping parameters can be tweaked in the Mod options menu.

By default, snapping is enabled with this mod installed. The level of snapping can be fine-tuned in the Mod options menu.

Easy install

  1. Install QModManager
  2. Install SMLHelper Zero
  3. Place the SnapBuilder folder in your SubnauticaZero\QMods directory
  4. ???
  5. Profit

Default keybinds

  • Toggle snap-to-grid/freehand placement: middle mouse
  • Toggle fine grid snapping: left ctrl
  • Toggle fine rotation snapping: left alt

Thanks so much to Sketchy of Nitrox support for the shout out! Check out SnapBuilder in action below!


Need help?

Your first port of call when in need of help with a Subnautica mod should be the Subnautica Modding discord server.
Hop into the #❓help-and-support❓ channel where there are tonnes of really helpful, knowledgeable people who can guide you through simple configuration and installation issues.

If however you've stumbled on a bug, please file a bug report on the Bugs tab with as much information as possible to help us find the cause of the issue so we can get it squashed in an update. Useful information includes examples, screenshots, and steps to reproduce the issue.

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