Subnautica: Below Zero

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This mod returns some items removed from BZ

Permissions and credits
Readded Items
Seamoth Update (readding textures to seamoth and trying to fix lighting ) not finished
This mod returns items that were removed from the release as below zero was released.
Install instructions
1. download zip file
2. extract Bepinex Folder to Subnautica Belowzero game folder replace any files if needed
3. extract Readdeditems and TextReplacer_bz folders to pluginfolder
4. good job your finished.

Weather Balloon Instructions

1. build weather panel
2. build Weather Station
3 build Weather Balloon
4. go outside drop balloon in water let it float up
5. done


Radio (just deco) unlocked by builder
MedicalCabinet unlocked by builder
BaseRechargeFoundation unlocked by seatruck
PhaseGate unlocks by PrecursorIonPowerCell
WallBaseFoundation unlocked by lasercutter
Stasis rifle unlocked by welder
RepulsionCannon unlocked by PropulsionCannon
Weather Station , Balloon , And Panel unlocked by Builder
Youtubers Hullplates
Mark and Jack statues

What are these items

PhaseGate when you have more then two they teleport you to the closest phasegate from that point
so gate A goes to B, B to C and C back to A

Medical Cabinet same from subnautica makes med-kits 

Base RechargeFoundation charges things that are on it .

Wall Foundation lets you build foundations on a wall so you can build a base on the wall

Readded the Youtubers hullplates
Fixed Jack and Lord Minions hullplates