Subnautica: Below Zero
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additional maps for the "Map" mod: Crystal Cave Map and Reworked Alterra Map

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Additional maps for the Map mod: Crystal Cave Map and Reworked Alterra Map 

The crystal cave map was created by building drones along the walls, so it is rather rough.
But since there is no other, it may come in handy for someone.

Of course there is a map of the ground, but even at sea I am more used to orienting myself relative to the coast, not to mention traveling by land.
This map is a rework of the Alterra map from the Delta base, with the addition of some marks
(there is also an absolutely clean map in the folder, change it, or build your own based on it)

1. For this map to work, the qModManager and Map mod must be installed.
2. Unpack files of this mod into the ...\QMods folder.
This will add to ... \ QMods \ SubnauticaMap_BZ \ maps \ Rybak folder with two new maps.

The same folder contains blank maps without marks.
If you want to use a clean surface map, rename the "clear.png" map to "sea_level.png" or create an additional .json file similarly

To uninstall the mod simply delete the Rybak folder from ... \ QMods \ SubnauticaMap_BZ \ maps \