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This ReShade config adds some vibrancy and a very slight crispness. Does not blow out the highs and lows of the lighting. Removes some of the "foggy" look as well. Stays true to intended colors... makes the them pop a little and adds a bit more depth to the texturing.

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I wanted a slightly more vibrant reshade that stayed true to the intended colors and avoided blowing out lighter and darker areas of textures. A tiny bit of sharpening was added, as being a past diver, I know that near things mostly aren't as fuzzy as distant things are. As a result of these settings, some of that "foggy" look has been removed... for me, this is a bonus as I really did not like the fog!

Be sure to check out my Subnotica (non BZ) version :


1 - Download and run ReShade. The download for ReShade can be found here.
2 - Click on the text that reads "Click here to select game and manage it's ReShade installation"
3 - Select SubnauticaZero.exe from the list then click "Use selected application" button.
4 - Select Direct3D 10/11/12.
5 - Make sue the following are checked then click OK at the bottom of window: SweetFX, qUINT, Collor Effects, Fubax, FXShaders.
6 - Click OK at the bottom of next window... Don't make any changes to the SweetFX selections.
7 - Drag the JunrallsShader.ini file into your SubnauticaZero directory. (Steam/steamapps/common/SubnauticaZero)
8 - When in game press the HOME key to open the ReShade window.
9 - At the top of the ReShade window, select JunrallsShader.ini from the dropdown menu and press Select.