Subnautica: Below Zero
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Allows you to configure a speed modifier to increase the top speed of the Booster Tank. To keep the mod from being OP, you can also mod the oxygen consumption so that there is a penalty for increasing the speed.

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Can't be bothered to get a SeaTruck to try out the amazing "Sea Truck Speed Mod"? Still want to careen around the oceans like a mad diver on speed? Want to rocket to the surface and beyond, like a rubber-suited rocket? Well, now you can achieve all of this and more with the Booster Trank Speed Modifier for Subnautica: Below Zero!


  • Configurable speed modifier accessed within the Mod menu
  • Option to configure oxygen usage, to balance the benefit of the speed boost
  • Changes can be made "on the fly" to give you that extra boost when you need it

  • Excessive speed can result in death as you plummet to your doom!

No Arctic Peepers, Boomerang Fish or Hoopfish were crushed, embedded in windshields, battered senseless or otherwise harmed in the making of this mod. The author takes no responsibility whatsoever for criminal prosecution resulting from the use of this mod.