Subnautica: Below Zero
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Adds a lot of options to customize the highlight feature, allowing you to enable the highlights only for specific item types, and using a different color for each type, and option to add a ping (marker) to nearby PDA Items

Permissions and credits
Advanced Highlighting
Source Code

  1. Install QModManager
  2. Extract the downloaded file
  3. Place the extracted 'AdvancedHighlighting' folder into your 'SubnauticaZero\QMods' directory
  4. Toggle the Enable Highlighting option ON from the Accessibility Settings

  • Option to add pings (marker) to Story Items and Jukebox Disks if their highlights are enabled
  • Option to show Notifications when a Story Item (such as PDA Logs) is nearby
  • Option to show Notifications when a Jukebox Disk is nearby
  • Option to change the highlight renderer (the glow effect)
  • Option To Enable All Highlights while in Exosuit
  • Option to increase the highlight search radius 
  • Option to set the minimum fade away value (When at 1.0 highlights will not fade away when you are far)
  • Toggles to enable or disable highlights for specific types
  • Select a different color for each type

  • Pickupable Items
  • Pickupable Creatures
  • Pickupable Resources
  • Breakable Outcrops
  • Scannable Items
  • Scannable Fragments
  • Already Scanned Fragments
  • Interactables
  • Story Items (PDA Logs)
  • Jukebox Disks
  • Sealed Ship Doors
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Oxygen Fish
  • Anything Else