Subnautica: Below Zero
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Don't like a certain creature? Get rid of it.

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Have you ever wanted to get rid of those damn leviathans so much that you started a mass genocide? Well, worry no more! In a couple of minutes, you can remove an entire species from the face of Planet 4546B, or just make it appear less. Creatures inside Alien Containments are ignored!

  • Download and install QModManager.
  • Download the zip file and extract it inside the "QMods" folder created by QModManager; e.g., `<steam library folder>\SteamApps\common\SubnauticaZero\QMods`
  • Edit `QMods\ManageCreatureSpawns\Settings.xml` 
  • Run the game.

Edit your settings file!
Creatures can be disabled or have their spawn rates changed. In order to customize your 4546B ecosystem:
  • Open GenerateSettings.html in your browser of choice (only tested in Chrome)
  • Add a creature to get started
  • Select the creature you would like to manage from the dropdown, uncheck the checkbox if you would like it to not spawn or change the spawn chance to the desired spawn chance
  • Repeat for additional creatures
  • Click "Generate Settings"
  • Copy the text that appeared at the bottom of the page into your settings.xml file, replacing anything that was already there
Source code on GitHub (forked from original)