Subnautica: Below Zero
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About this mod

With this small Mod you can manipulate the Maximum Node Count of deploying Nodes of the Pathfinder Tool

Permissions and credits
This Mod let you modifiy the Maximum Node Cound and the Energy Consumtion of every deployed Node

And thats it !

How to install:

1. Install QMod
2. Install SML Helper
3. OPTIONAL: Install Versions Checker
4. Extract the Mod without creating a New Folder
4.1 It should look like. (The should be no subfolders with the Modname and no Numbers in the Foldername)
5. Install the Folder to the "QMods" Folder in the Gameroot Folder
For example with Steam: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SubnauticaBelowZero\QMods\MorePathfinderNodes_BZ"

How to configure the Mod
The Easy way (Recommend): Just start the Game. Go to Settings -> Mods -> You will find a Node for the Settings.
The Hard way: After the first Game start a "config.json" File is generated in the Mod Folder. You can modify the Setting here. Be carefull just do it while the Game is closed/stopped.

Special Thanks to BumblebeeTuna for Mod Idea

Source Code on Github (no Support via Github):